Van Kuren Trail Construction Completed

Van Kuren Footbridge


Van Kuren Shelter


WRPCO constructed 3.2 miles of new hiking/ski trails adjacent to the Petenwell Flowage. The trail, known as the Van Kuren Trail, is a required recreation facility in the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) license to operate the hydroelectric project. The installation was actually a relocation of the existing facility. Much of the original trail system was located outside of the hydroelectric project boundary. The trail was moved in order to be completely located within the project boundary and facilitate the divestiture of non-project lands that the original trail was located on.

The route travels through a variety of different habitat types, increasing the opportunity for wildlife observation. The trail also passes an existing wildlife observation tower, where hikers and skiers can take a break. New additions to the trail included construction of a new warming shelter for winter users and construction of a foot bridge across a small stream. Finally, new interpretive signs were installed along the route.

Repairs To The Van Kuren Trail

Due to several severe storms that passed through the area in 2016, WRPCO completed a salvage timber management activity of about 1.6 miles of the Van Kuren Trail. Damaged trees and debris were removed from the trail.