Land Use Policies and Rules

The following documentation intends to serve as a guide for administering public land use policies, and to clarify policy specifics regarding the usage of WRPCO lands.

General: It is recognized that WRPCO land is open to the public unless posted otherwise. No person or persons shall designate WRPCO land as though it were their own. In addition to the following sections, land policies adopted by the State of Wisconsin will also be regarded as policies applicable to WRPCO land.

Section 1: Hunting Stands/Blinds

General: The following articles are supported by Wisconsin State Statute Sec. 939.23(3) or 943.01(1). "Destroying and Damaging Private Property."

1.1 Only tree stands of the portable variety shall be used in which no damage is afflicted to trees, and shall be removed from the property at the close of each hunting day. Unoccupied stands will be confiscated by WRPCO personnel and a reclamation charge will be assessed for their return.
1.2 Nails, spikes, screws or other damaging hardware shall not be driven into any trees. Tree climbing spikes shall not be used to gain access to trees. Reports of found nails spikes, etc. should be forwarded to WRPCO.
1.3 No lumber or plywood shall be used in building ground level blinds. Ground level blinds shall be removed at the close of each hunting day.
1.4 Waterfowl blinds shall be placed no more than 7 days prior to the opening of the waterfowl hunting season and shall be removed no later than 7 days after the waterfowl hunting season closes. Waterfowl blinds shall be labeled with the hunter's name and address at all times. Permanent blinds are prohibited.
1.5 Cutting or damaging trees, clearing woods, or tearing branches off of otherwise healthy trees for hunting is prohibited.
1.6 Trash and debris shall be removed from property. Leaving or discarding trash or debris (including hunting blinds) is littering and a citation may result.
1.7 Shooting signs or causing damage to WRPCO equipment or facilities is a violation of law and will result in prosecution.

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Section 2: Boat Storage and Parking

General: In addition to the WRPCO Land Policy Guidelines, people are reminded that DNR watercraft laws require observance for the safety of yourself and others.

2.1 Day-use watercraft parking shall be done in a safe and courteous manner, away from swimming areas and high use navigation channels and areas where space and maneuverability is limited.
2.2 Overnight storage of watercraft is restricted to designated or commercially licensed areas. Boats cannot be "pulled-up" and tied to shoreline structures or trees. Off-shore boat mooring is not allowed.
2.3 Long term mooring or shoreline storage of boats is not permitted other than at licensed designated areas as mentioned in article 2.2. Watercraft must be kept fully with the boundary of the designated licensed area.
2.4 Unauthorized or abandoned boats will be confiscated by WRPCO and stored at a WRPCO facility. Owners will be assessed a reclamation charge.

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Section 3: Snowmobiles/ATVs/Motorized Vehicles

General: General operation is limited to licensed areas.

3.1 Snowmobiles and ATV's must remain on marked and licensed trails. Traveling on WRPCO lands outside of designated areas is in violation of State Statute 23.3, paragraph 3, and is subject to prosecution.
3.2 Operation of other motor vehicles on WRPCO lands is illegal and in violation of State Statute 23.3, paragraph 3, and is subject to prosecution.

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Section 4: Camping/Outdoors

General: Private, county and state owned and operated camping facilities are provided in the area.

4.1 Camping and fires are not permitted on WRPCO lands except in designated areas.
4.2 Taking firewood from WRPCO lands is allowed by permit only.
4.3 Dumping or discarding material generated from outside sources or foreign to the surrounding environment is subject to prosecution.
4.4 Public access around dams and powerhouses is limited to areas not marked with signs or restricted by fences. Violation of defined limits constitutes trespassing and is subject to prosecution.
4.5 Building structures, making improvements, or altering WRPCO property on land or water is not allowed.

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