Welcome to Wisconsin River Power Company

The Wisconsin River Power Company FERC Hydroelectric Project #1984 is located in Wood, Juneau and Adams Counties in South Central Wisconsin. It is comprised of the Petenwell and Castle Rock Reservoirs. Dams at the reservoirs were completed in the late 1940s and early 1950s.

The project boundary covers 59,000 acres with 40,080 acres of water surface. There are approximately 219 miles of shoreline and approximately 29 miles of shoreline commons area.

Integrys Energy Group acquired ownership interest and management of the WRPCO on December 31, 2000.

Winter "Thin Ice" Warning

Every winter, ice that forms near hydroelectric dams is often thin, unsafe and inconsistent. This is because of changing water flows beneath it. This is part of normal hydro dam operations. We take pride in operating our facilities safely and in a manner that respects the environment and the rights of other users of the waterways. Your safety is important to us. As always, avoid any winter recreational activities on ice near hydroelectric facilities.

Water Levels
3/3/2015 6:00:23 PM CST

Wisconsin River 4‑Hour Change 12‑Hour Change
Head Water Level 921.27 feet +0.01 -0.02
Tail Water Level 879.93 feet -0.14 -0.12
Total Flow 2,952 cfs 0 +8
Castle Rock
Head Water Level 879.04 feet 0.00 -0.04
Tail Water Level 845.45 feet +0.01 -0.09
Total Flow 3,617 cfs +12 +19

Data courtesy of Energy Supply and Control